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Thank you for visiting the M&D Lacrosse website.  M&D, formally known as the Maryland and District of Columbia Lacrosse Club, is a premier scholastic lacrosse organization providing elementary, middle and high school-aged girls in Central Maryland and Northern Virginia with the ultimate lacrosse experience. M&D offers access to experienced coaches, world-class clinicians and the finest local, regional and national competition available. 

M&D goes beyond on-field play by offering a broader lacrosse education, fostering individual player development and a complete understanding of the game. A thorough appreciation of the game increases players’ performance and value.  While encouraging individual development, M&D also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and friendship; new camaraderies are created that last for years, on the field and off.

M&D helps prepare students for playing at the next level.  College recruiting seminars are offered to prospective collegiate lacrosse players to help them navigate through the complex recruiting process, understand the "dos" and "don'ts" of college recruiting and put each player in the best position to realize her dreams.

Fine coaching, competitive experience and educational development enable M&D teams to consistently excel in all of the top lacrosse tournaments.  M&D teams routinely finish in first place in the most competitive tournaments in the country.  The better a team fares, the more opportunities there are for individual exposure.

M&D fields teams in eight different grade levels, currently ranging from the high school graduating class of 2020 through the class of 2028. Teams compete in Maryland and at various locations on the East Coast beginning in November.  Following the winter, elementary and middle school students in classes 2023-2028 begin again in March.  High school teams begin again after the public and private school spring season has ended. All age groups finish the year with summer tournaments in June and July. 

M&D teams practice two to three times per week during the summer months and one to two times per week during the fall months (beginning in September).  Elementary and middle school teams also practice two to three times per week in the spring (beginning in March), with NGLL games being on Saturdays or Sundays.  In addition to the regularly scheduled practices sessions, M&D offers several one day instructional sessions conducted by top collegiate coaches and players in the country to instruct players on the latest skills and strategies in women’s lacrosse. Come see for yourself - M&D is the whole package.

Thank you for visiting the M&D LAX web site. We hope to see you on the lacrosse field!