2018 NGLL Spring League



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New Middle School Team Policy - For the classes of 2022 through 2026, we will be playing in the spring of 2018.  This change is due to a major change in the landscape of youth girls lacrosse.  We will be participating in the National Girls Lacrosse League.  The deal between the NGLL and Howard County Recreation and Parks fell through, so we will not be holding practices and games at Blaindair park as stated before.  M&D will not have the opportunity to use Howard County Recreation and Parks facilities for the spring of 2018 because those facilities will be used by Cobra, HCLP, and other Howard County Recreation and Parks activities.  Therefore, we have secured the turf fields at Garrison Forest and McDonogh School for the spring.  We will also try to secure fields through Howard County at a later date to try to get a little closer to many of our players, but Howard County has said that nothing is open at this point.  We will also possibly look at Glenelg Country and Mt DeSales as possible practice or game sites also.

    The league will start in mid-March with an eight game schedule.  We will enter our M&D teams in a preseason tournament prior to the beginning of that league.  M&D practices for the middle school ages will begin in the first week of March.  A practice schedule will be posted as soon as all field permits are secured, probably by December 1.  Each team will have two practices a week, one weeknight practice and one Saturday practice.  All games will be held on Sundays.  There will also be playoffs and a championship for each age group at the end of May. 

     This is a transition year for girls club lacrosse.  Club lacrosse will be the premier level of lacrosse for the best players in the state of Maryland.  Therefore we expect our players to be committed in the spring to making all of the games and all of the practices.  There is a lot of confusion about what families should do about their rec programs and club lacrosse.  Our stance at M&D is that you are to commit to your club team first and foremost.  If you desire to play for another rec program team, you can do so.  If there is a conflict with the two teams, club is to take precedence.

If a player has committed to play for a M&D middle school level team, it is our expectation that the players will play for the full year.  A player cannot take for one season and expect to play during only their selected times.   The season starts in the spring with the March-May NGLL  season.  Then there is the summer schedule which will include the five summer tournaments and multiple practices a week.  The third part of the season is the fall where we practice one day a week (Sundays) or compete in our three tournaments.