Coaching Instruction

To facilitate and elevate players’ abilities to the next level, M&D LAX provides instruction and coaching by our staff of knowledgeable and proven coaches. This is a major differentiator of M&D LAX from many other lacrosse clubs. Our awesome coaching staff works with our teams in enhancing fundamental skills as well as developing team offensive and defensive concepts. We have regularly scheduled practices throughout the year.

In the fall, we want our players to be multi-sport athletes, so we try to make the M&D schedule as friendly to families’ schedules as possible. We will practice on Sunday mornings only, which will avoid any school commitments. Our fall tournaments will be on weekends only and not involve a lot of travel.

During June, we will have scheduled practices on Saturdays and Sundays at local recreation and parks fields in Howard County. Coaches will also schedule at least one weeknight practice during this time to get our teams ready for the upcoming tournaments.

During July, we practice on Sundays and at least one weeknight per week. As we get into August, our tournament schedule slows down, so we offer instructional sessions on Sundays. M&D LAX utilizes some of the top collegiate coaches and players in the country to teach out players individual offensive and defensive skills.

Goalie Instruction
At M&D LAX, we believe that the goalie is the most important position on the field. M&D will be actively recruiting goalies to fill the many positions that we have available. We will also be providing a financial discount to all goalies this year in order to maintain a healthy number of quality goalies. For financial details for goalies, please e-mail Chris Robinson at

For instructions, M&D LAX understands the uniqueness of the goalie position and the specialized coaching that goalies need in order to enhance their game. To meet the specialized needs of our goalkeepers, M&D LAX provides specialized instructions for our goalies. We hired Suzy Herlihy, goalie at St Joseph’s as our full-time goalie coach during the summer months.  We are the only club in the country to hire a full-time goalie coach.