M&D 2021 - 2022 Season Coaches & Admin

M&D Lacrosse boasts the finest coaching staff of any club in the country. With full-time coaches who stay with the team for the entire year, M&D ensures continuity throughout the season.

President - Chris Robinson, Crobinson@robinsonsportsinc.com, Bio

Director of Operations - Scott Robinson, Srobinson@robinsonsportsinc.com, Bio

Administrative Assistant – Chris Caulk, ccaulk@robinsonsportsinc.com

Goalie Coach – Arvak Marshall, Arvak1119@me.com, Bio

M&D 2023 Black
Head Coach Jeff Peek, Jeffpeek@hotmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach DeWayne Plitt, dewayne.plitt@yahoo.com, Bio
Assistant Coach Shay Clevenger

M&D 2023 Red
Head Coach Alleesha Davidson, Alleesha.davidson@verizon.net, Bio

M&D 2024 Black
Head Coach John Brown, jnbrown@carrollk12.org, Bio
Assistant Coach Mark Laverghetta, marklaverghetta@hotmail.com, Bio

M&D 2024 Red
Head Coach Albert (Peck) Burmeister, thebteam3@comcast.net, Bio
Assistant Coach Kristin Cannon, Kcannon84@gmail.com, Bio

M&D 2025 Black
Head Coach Kerri O'Day, kjoday15@hotmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach Alison Jackson, alisonsj22@gmail.com, Bio
Goalie Coach Jen Cavanaugh, Bio

M&D 2025 Red
Head Coach Molly Fleming, mollyfleming16@comcast.net, Bio
Assistant Coach Brian Fleming, bpfleming16@aol.com, Bio

M&D 2026 Black
Head Coach: Katie Love, kblove08@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach Mary Gagnon, maygagnon84@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Kelsea Valance, Bio

M&D 2026 Red
Head Coach: Logan Edmonson, logane4@verizon.net, Bio
Assistant Coach: Terry Edmonson, Terre1414@gmail.com, Bio

M&D 2027 Black
Head Coach: Mike McCarthy, mzmccarthy12@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Tammi Fique, tammifique@gmail.com, Bio

M&D 2027 Red
Head Coach: Eva Winiarski, Bio

M&D 2028 Black
Head Coach: Jimmy Creighton, Jimmy.creighton15@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Laura Tittsworth, lacorrenti@aol.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Bill Perryman, bp3lax11@hotmail.com, Bio

M&D 2029 Black
Head Coach: Amanda Brady, Amanda_Brady@hcpss.org, Bio
Assistant Coach: Melissa McCarthy, Melissa_McCarthy@hcpss.org, Bio

M&D 2029 Red
Head Coach: Ken Senisi, CoachSenisi@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Gabby Fairly, Bio

M&D 2030 Black
Head Coach: Kayleigh Werner, Kayleighwerner@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Shawn Nadelen, Bio
Assistant Coach: Adam Santry, adamsantry@Alliedwells.com, Bio

M&D 2031 Black
Head Coach: Samantha Brookhart, Sbrookhart1@gmail.com, Bio
Assistant Coach: Jill Brookhart, Bio
Assistant Coach: Conrad Brookhart, Bio

2032 Prep 
Coach: Britney Lukowski, Bio